Perfume Glass Bottle Filling Line.

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Swastik’s Semi-Auto Perfume Glass Bottle Filling, Crimping and Collar becoming Machine Line.

This machine can be utilized for fragrance bottle crimping, glass bottle crimping, crimping, collar becoming, fragrance glass bottle collar becoming, idle curler conveyor, glass bottle airjet cleansing machine, inclined conveyor, packaging conveyor, packing conveyor.

This machine line is pneumatically operated.

This machine line has changeover of much less thna 15 minutes for all of the under talked about machines :

Idle Roller Conveyor.
Glass Bottle Airjet Cleaning Machine.
H Head Perfume Glass Bottle Liquid Filling Machine.
Perfume Glass Bottle Crimping Machine.
Perfume Glass Bottle Collar Fitting Machine.
Perfume Glass Bottle Leak Testing Machine.
Inclined Conveyor.
Packing Conveyor.

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